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Personal Insurance Risk Management Check List           DOWNLOAD THIS IN PDF (click here)


Home, Condo, Rentals, Garage and Vacation Homes                                                                                 YES     NO


1.   Your home is at a set coverage amount, are you sure that is enough should you have a total loss?           ____            ____

2.   Does your home have an alarm for fire and/or burglary notifying police or fire department?                   ____            ____

3.   Have you made any remodeling changes to your home over $5,000 that we are not aware of?                ____            ____

4.   Do you desire flood insurance for your home and personal property?                                                      ____            ____

5.   Do you have children away at college?  Living in a Dorm?  Off Campus?  Do they have a vehicle
      with them? Attending full time?                                                                                                     ____    ____

6.  Do you rent any part of your home or other buildings on your property to anyone?                                  ____            ____

7.  Do you use any part of your home or other buildings for business purposes?                                            ____            ____

8.  Is your home titled in a Trust or to someone other than you or your spouse?                                             ____            ____                           

Personal Property


1.   Do you have any collectibles such as antiques, fine arts, stamps, coins or baseball cards?                       ____            ____

2.   Do you own valuable jewelry or furs that you want protected from loss?                                     ____    ____

3.   Do you own valuable sporting equipment and/or guns?                                                                ____    ____

4.   Do you have silverware that you need protected?                                                                         ____    ____

5.   Do you have valuable camera or photo equipment?  Do you use them for money?                                  ____            ____

6.   Do you own a personal computer used to store financial or business data?                                               ____            ____

7.   Do you have any Business Personal Property kept in your home or other structures?                               ____              ____

8.   Do you own any equipment, instruments or tools used in your occupation or trade?                                ____              ____


Liability Coverage


1.   Do you operate a studio or office in your home or have a home-based business?                                    ____            ____

2.   Do you have a hobby that brings in any money?                                                                           ____    ____

3.   Do you have clients who come into your home to purchase products or services?                                    ____            ____

4.   Do your children have private jobs like babysitting, mowing grass, or developing websites?                    ____            ____

5.   Do you own any property other than your home, not insured by us; this could be rental property,
      office property, farmland, etc?                                                                                                      ____    ____

6.   Do you own any vacation property not insured by us, cabin, trailer, land share, Condo, etc?                   ____            ____

7.   Do you have anyone employed, for example a nanny or housecleaner that may need Workers
      Compensation Coverage?                                                                                                              ____    ____


Automobile Coverage


1.   Do we insure all the vehicles you own?  If not, who does?  __________________________________

      When does it renew? _____________________________                                                                      ____            ____
2.   Do you have any drivers in your home other than you & your spouse?                                        ____    ____

3.   Do you have any students away at college over 100 miles from home?  With or without a vehicle?
      Are they attending full time?                                                                                                                     ____            ____

4.   Do you have a company vehicle or a vehicle given to you for regular daily use that you do not own?     ____            ____

5.   Do you have NON-manufacturer installed items in your vehicle?                                                 ____    ____

6.   If your vehicle were involved in an accident, would you like a rental car?                                               ____            ____

7.   How about towing, car breakdowns, need coverage?  Do you have or want AAA?                                  ____            ____

8.   Do you own any motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, Golf Carts, Antique Autos, Motor Homes,
      Trailers, Motor homes or Trailers?                                                                                                 ____    ____

9.   Do you own a new vehicle or currently need loan/lease gap coverage on a vehicle?                                 ____            ____


Umbrella Liability Policy                                                                                                                   Yes      No

1.  Imagine a bad auto accident, the other party sues for $769,000, do you want all of that covered?            ____            ____

2.  Do you own any animal that could bite someone or cause a lawsuit?                                                         ____            ____

3.  Do you own a trampoline or swimming pool?                                                                                            ____            ____

4.  If your net worth is more than your auto or home insurance liability limit, would you like to have
     it protected?                                                                                                                                                ____            ____


Other Insurance Risks

1.   Do you own any of these items NOT insured by us?  Boat, Motor home, Camper, Motorcycle, Golf Cart
      Jet Ski, 4 wheeler, other recreational item or aircraft?                                                                               ____                ____

2.   Do you own a business not insured by us?                                                                                                ____            ____

When does that insurance renew? _______________________________                                                     ____            ____


Financial Planning

1.   If you get sick or injured and can’t work for 7-13 weeks, can you make your car payments
      and/or house payments?                                                                                                                ____    ____

2.   Would you like a FREE Term Life insurance quote?                                                                                 ____            ____

3   Are you interested in information on Long Term Care?                                                                  ____    ____

4.  Are you interested in a Health Insurance quote?                                                                             ____    ____

Please Update Emergency Contact Numbers In case of Claim and We Need to Contact you.

Name _______________________________                                              Cell #__________________________

Email address __________________________________

Spouse Name_____________________________________________ __Cell#___________________________

Email Address __________________________________                                                  


Emergency Contact Program


Imagine this, Disaster strikes – and we don’t know where to find you.  For these situations, we have created Pappalardo Agency Emergency Contact Program.  We had a situation where an insured of ours had his house burglarized.  The neighbors notified the Police and the Police called us because of some numbers the insured had written down by his phone.  We were able to start the claim but had no way of contacting the insured or his family.   We ask that you give us every way to contact you in the event of an emergency.  In addition could you set up some special contacts for us in the event something happens and you are unreachable? This person could be family, friends, or neighbors, anyone who you would want to handle immediate issues in case you were out of town. We promise NEVER to call these individuals, unless you have a claim and we can’t reach you.  By providing the names of two EMERGENCY CONTACTS we may be able to prevent a situation from getting worse. 



1.      Name: _______________________________________ph# _______________________________________                





2.      Name: _______________________________________ ph# _______________________________________




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